Grooms' Wedding Suits Derry 2023


So, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on your big day. For a long time, men getting married have felt that they were restricted to the classics like morning suits or tuxedos. But with everything that’s happened over the last few years, the new rule is: anything goes.

Whatever you wear, it should make you feel super confident and ready to celebrate your wedding. It is your big day.  Here are some wedding outfit ideas for men that feel completely right for right now.


Tweed Suits

Tweed’s been one of our most popular suits fabrics for a while now, and nowhere more so than for weddings. Reworking the classics is going to be big this year, and tweed is an easy way to do this with your groom outfit – and, of course, it looks great too.

Currently trending is wearing your three-piece with a different waistcoat or go more minimal with your styling to take the look firmly into today. Checks are predicted to be a wedding trend in wedding décor this year so we suggest being the shining example of the trend by weaving checks into your wedding suit style.

Light Suits

Traditionally, the less formal your wedding the lighter your suit could be, but with tradition out the window now you’ll probably be more led by weather than anything else. Although we love a bit of good weather in Ireland, it's few and far between but we live in hope that the Sun will make a rare appearance for our big day.  For big (or small) days in sunny weather, a fabric that’s lighter in both colour and weight will feel more carefree. The reality is that it’s your wedding day and you can wear whatever style or colour of wedding suit that you want.

And on cold days, a stone or beige wool suit is a relaxed alternative to darker tweeds. Either way, you’ll find modern neutral hues will set off all sorts of styling, like romantic florals or textured tonal accessories. You can dress it down (or up) as much as you like if you’re going for a more relaxed, casual wedding.


Black Formal Suits

As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If you don’t want to think too much about your menswear options and your groom isn’t into standing out, these are the perfect options for him. Black is sleek and formal and make beautiful photos, and you can’t go wrong; you can pair it with almost any colour, and it always looks great. Black is definitely the safest option for those grooms that want a traditional, flawless look. 


Velvet Suits

A velvet tux is classics for any groom, it’s great for many wedding styles, from very formal ones to more relaxed. You can try two-piece and three-piece tuxedos, go for various colours. Burgundy, emerald, dark green, navy, and black are the best tones for such tuxes.

Your lapels can highlight the look. The waistcoat can be of the same colour or just black, for example, and the bow tie, too – you can take it matching or prefer a black one.


Choosing Your Suit

There are loads of options above when it comes to choosing your groom’s outfit. Hiring a wedding suit has always been a more sustainable option for your wedding outfit – if you don’t wear suits very often then it might not make sense to invest in a one-off. Hiring a suit gives you a memorable look without the commitment (save that for your partner!). On the flip side, if you want to treat yourself to a suit then your wedding day is about the best excuse you’ll have to do it.

Style-wise, it’s all up to you whether you choose a wedding outfit that complements the rest of your wedding day or you go for something that makes you stand out as a couple. Sometimes it’s a great, creative touch when everything isn’t too matched together, especially if you’re going for a more relaxed day.  It really depends on your personality.

You’ll also want to make sure that your wedding suit complements what your partner is wearing. You’ve already shown that you’re the perfect match for one another, so you want your wedding photos to reflect that too. Those pictures last a really long time!

Get The Right Fit

When you’re selecting a suit – whether you buy or hire – fit is really important. Too tight and you could feel restricted or self-conscious through the day. And a too-big suit can make you feel just as bad, especially when you look back at photos.  That's where a suit specialist comes in.  Attention to detail is key. You want your jacket sleeve sitting neatly on your wrist, so that your shirt cuff sits about half an inch out on your sleeve for an exquisite finish.  Unless your 6 foot tall, you are likely to need some alterations to your jacket sleeves, keep this in mind when you are buying or hiring your wedding outfit.

It’s always worth giving yourself the time to try on some different styles, colours and fits – you might just surprise yourself when it turns out your perfect suit is completely different to what you usually wear!